There is only one nonprofit in the St. Louis area that provides acccess to affordable housing as well as an array of other educational and employment services to needy families: Beyond Housing.  As its name suggest, the organization sees housing as a first step in community-wide rebuilding efforts.

An exciting part of its current work is the “24:1 Initiative,” an effort by elected officials, residents, community-based organizations, and area businesses to revitalize the 24 inner-ring suburban communities located entirely or partly within the geography of the Normandy School District in St. Louis County.  These communities are coming together with the shared vision of strengthening neighborhoods.  The 24:1 Initiative was featured in a 2011 White House report.

Want to be part of the solution?

Beyond Housing has an array of volunteer opportunities, many of which do not require special skills.  These include cleaning, repairing, painting, and landscaping homes. Learn more about these opportunities.  You can also donate online.