We’re a far cry from the days when youth with just a high school diploma — and sometimes even without a diploma — could move into decent-paying jobs that enabled them to make a down payment on a home and pay for college.  Given the ever-growing need in today’s economy for people to acquire post-secondary skills, the fact that so many kids continue to drop out of high school is a crisis that demands serious attention.

One organization that is effectively taking action is Dallas Community Lighthouse.  It provides support and guidance to low-income youth in grades K-8 to build their self-esteem and encourage them to stay in school.  Students receive tutoring in core subjects like math, language arts; and they also benefit from consistent adult mentorship, which is something they often do not get at home.

Learn more about Dallas Community Lighthouse’s programs and how they are making a difference in motivating young people to stay in school.

And find out how you can volunteer your time or donate money to help mitigate the dropout crisis in the Dallas area.