What lies in store for children who have one, and sometimes both, of their parents in prison?

Unfortunately, their odds of having a promising future aren’t great.

There are over 7 million such children in the U.S, about 70 percent of whom are also likely to spend time behind bars…that is, unless they get the right type of help.

This is where the Amachi mentoring program comes in.  It offers these kids opportunities that thwart the likelihood that they too will live a life of crime.  Its secret lies in carefully matching kids with mentors and ensuring that they meet weekly.

The organization began in Philadelphia and is directed by the city’s former mayor W. Wilson Goode.  It now runs 250 mentoring programs across the 48 states, having served over 100,000 children since 2000.  Learn more.

Want to get involved?

* Become a mentor.
* Start an Amachi program in your area.
* Recommend a child whom you think would benefit from the program.

Please contact mwalker@amachimentoring.org.