Wow, that looks like a great way to cool off on a hot summer day!

Maybe for some kids.  But not for many others who don’t get the chance to experience the great outdoors.  And what they miss out on during the summer is just a small indication of the disadvantages they experience all year.

A great way to mitigate these hardships is by identifying and providing opportunties to those low-income youth who already exhibit some resiliency to their life circumstances.  This is the goal of Summer Search, which has sites in Seattle, the Bay Area, Silicon Valley, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston.

This nonprofit inspires already-resilient low-income high school students to become responsible and altruistic leaders  Here are ways the organization makes opportunity available to these youngsters:

*Year-round mentoring by full-time trained staff builds students’ resilience, helping them learn to cultivate relationships, become self-reflective, and navigate the challenges in their lives.

*Full scholarships to summer experiential education programs like Outward Bound and the National Outdoor Leadership School strengthen students’ follow-through, leadership, and problem solving, all of which translates to success in high school and college.

*Individualized college and financial aid advising helps students pursue post-secondary school.

*Resources for students in and after college support strong academic performance, college persistence, and career exploration.

Check out the results…they’re pretty impressive.  So many success stories!

Ways You Can Get Involved:

Refer students to the program
* Attend events
* Provide internships
* Donate money