From Cellblock C to CEO…This version of the American dream can’t really be possible?

You would have good reason to think not.  After all, a prison record significantly hurts a person’s prospects for future employment.  A felony conviction is particularly stigmatizing for black men.

But this isn’t just a dream; it’s a reality for many people.  The Center for Employment Opportunities — aka CEO — provides employment services to those typically seen as unemployable because they have recent criminal records.

This organization — which has various sites across New York as well as in California and Oklahoma — matches former inmates with opportunities that lead them on a path to success rather than the all-too-likely alternative: persistent joblessless leading to recidivism.

The proof is in the pudding.  CEO has a track record of enabling such people to move into paid transitional jobs that lead to full-time opportunities.  In fact, over its history these transitional placements have led to over 14,000 full-time jobs!  The success of this nonprofit has garnered much-deserved attention right up to The White House.


* Providing a job opening for a CEO participant.
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