They are building it, so will you come and join in their efforts?

The “they” are high school dropouts.   What they are building is homes in the very communities where they live.  The organization behind this terrific work is YouthBuild.  It is addressing two critical issues simultaneously:  the dropout crisis among low-income youth and the lack of access to affordable housing.

Whereas YouthBuild started small in East Harlem in 1978, it now assists low-income young people all across the United States and in several other countries around the world.  Yet, its effectiveness in fighting poverty is now in peril.  The organization relies heavily on government funding, which took a 37 percent cut last year and may be slashed further in upcoming rounds of cost-cutting budgetary negotiations.

Therefore, cultivating private sources of support is critical.  Amazingly, the organization currently only has about 300 individual donors.  These are the people so crucially needed to advocate for continued government funding  since monies from the government and foundations may not be used for this purpose.

A recent study highlighting the significant number of YouthBuild graduates who go on to become leaders in their careers and communities illustrates that this organization is a proven success!

Consider making a donation so that the thousands of young people currently turned away from YouthBuild programs due to lack of funds can get this tremendous opportunity.