Now that we’ve heard the rallying cries from both candidates and we’ve seen just how divided the two parties are, it’s clear how much the nation needs a unifying change agenda.


We’ll have to look outside politics to find one.

Here’s an agenda around which democrats and republicans should be able to agree: Helping Neighbors Help Themselves.  Those four words have guided the work of Neighborhood House for over a century.  This Portland (OR) nonprofit is a resource for low-income people and recent immigrants, enabling them to overcome the challenges in their lives that impede their attaining success and independence.

It’s a soup-to-nuts organization that offers programs for young children, teens, families and seniors.  Head Start, employment assistance, transitional housing — these are just some of the many ways this organization makes sure that no stones are left unturned in helping vulnerable people to access greater opportunities.

Declining public funding means Neighborhood House depends on private donors now more than ever.  Contribute online.
* $50 can provide a term of after-school tutoring for two youth.
* $100 can provide four sessions of employment counseling.
* $250 can provide a month of guidance for at-risk youth.
* $1,000 can purchase 5,000 pounds of food to feed the hungry.

The organization also needs volunteers.  If interested, please fill out an application.