Published August 2013
We hear a lot these days about the growing rich-poor gap and how it is undermining the American dream. A telling indicator is that hard work is no longer the sure-bet ticket to getting ahead it once was. Millions who struggle to make ends meet have little realistic chance of achieving a better life. And for the rest of us, it’s all too easy to believe there’s little we can do to mitigate this hardship. We often sigh at the magnitude of inequality, seeing personal stories of misfortune as tiny drops within a huge ocean of need.

The new book Giving Hope is an antidote to this pessimism. It outlines ways that charity can offer second chances to Americans who have dim prospects for moving their lives forward without outside help. Its powerful stories of personal transformation illustrate how giving can dramatically improve the lives of those experiencing hard times, enabling them to embark on a path toward success.

This timely book offers tips about where to donate so that you can give gifts that keep on giving. It identifies 75 nonprofits from coast to coast that efficiently use their donations and have track records of creating access to housing, employment, and educational opportunities. Each of us has the power to help people in need achieve successes that would be unimaginable were it not for the unsung work of so many nonprofits across the U.S.