Some people have known their whole life they will go to college.  For others, several factors stack the deck against the likelihood that college will ever be in their future.  Given that a bachelors degree — even in this tough economy and with escalating tuition costs — still opens up lots of doors, it’s just plain unfair that college is not equally accessible to all.

College Access Now is changing that.  This Seattle nonprofit works with economically disadvantaged youth to enable them to pursue the dream of higher education.  Students are assisted with test preparation, navigating the application process, visiting campuses, securing funding, and staying committed to doing their schoolwork.  An underlying aim of this mentoring is to help students see themselves as worthy and capable of succeeding in college.

And sure enough, graduates of the program have gone on to attend colleges and universities across the U.S!

Want powerful evidence of this organization’s successes?  See for yourself.

There are many ways to give that will enable College Access Now to assist more students who might otherwise never get the chance to become the first in their families to go to college.

  • Make a monetary gift: $60 buys test preparation materials; $300 funds two vans for a campus visit; $1800 sponsors a student for a year. Also consider making an in-kind donation of USB storage cards or digital recording devices. Learn more.
  • Volunteer to become a college coach or to help out in a number of other ways.

With your help, more young people can make the dream of college a reality!