Summer is a good time for catching up on TV programs accumulating on the DVR.

“60 Minutes” segment I watched recently chronicled the sights and sounds of bulldozers at work in Cleveland.  Houses were being razed in neighborhoods that just a few years earlier had been vibrant and thriving.  This effort was purportedly aimed at “bettering” these neighborhoods, which had become blighted due to the large number of foreclosed and subsequently abandoned homes.

Is this really a sign of progress in mitigating our nation’s housing crisis?

Other efforts also taking place in Cleveland offer considerably more reason for optimism.  Consider the work being done by the Famicos Foundation, which provides access to affordable housing and works to enhance neighborhood quality without using bulldozers.  The organization both facilitates real estate development and delivers services to improve youth education and literacy.  Famicos owns and manages over 800 units of housing for families, seniors, the disabled, and formerly homeless individuals.

If 60 Minutes wants to get the full scoop about housing initiatives being undertaken in Cleveland, it should point its cameras at the work Famicos is doing.  Learn how you can help this important cause.