A recent study publicized this week highlights the onset of a significant language gap by 18 months of age among children of different class backgrounds.

This research underscores why early intervention is sorely needed so that all kids can get an equal start in life. With the right help provided as early and consistently as possible, low-income children can grow up with the chance to succeed.

One place where that help is successfully being provided is Baby’s Space. Founded in 1998 by child psychologist Terrie Rose, this twin cities nonprofit provides comprehensive services from pregnancy until a child reaches 3rd grade.  These services include year-round, full-day childcare; parental education; and mental health support.

A telling indicator that Baby’s Space is making a big impact: 100 percent of kids who have been part of its program since birth have passed the Minneapolis post-kindergarten assessment!

Watch this video to learn more about the exciting, life-changing work this nonprofit is doing.