GUEST BLOGGER: Tim Esterdahl, Communications Director, Inter-Faith Community Services

In 1964, our founder Maida Navis had a dream to fill the gap between federal governemnt aid and the working poor. This dream is now known as Inter-Faith Community Services, the largest nonprofit in Colorado. We have stood the test of time and now see our role as greater than ever.

What has made IFCS last? Simple, our impact is felt every day by thousands of individuals, families, and seniors. For those struggling to make ends meet, we are the safety net to keep them from falling deeper into a cycle of poverty that is nearly impossible to break.

IFCS faces a unique issue every day – suburban poverty. This type of poverty is different than the pan handlers in downtown Denver. Our clients are unseen. They aren’t standing on the street corner. They are out working, trying to make a living while facing a world with escalating costs for food, transportation and health care.

For them, they are stuck in an unenviable position. Quite often, they make too much money for the government support that would improve their lives. Yet, they are constantly scrapping together pennies to pay their bills. Unable to further their lives, they are stuck. If they lose a job, get sick, or their vehicle breaks down they are really in trouble. For them, we are their safety net.

What makes our mission so much harder is all the politics surrounding what we do. Each day, we are at the crossroads of differing opinions. Why? We have clients that are immigrants scared of deportation, others who are uninsured under-insured, others who can’t afford college tuition, and single parents trying to get SNAP benefits. We stand at the forefront of all of these issues without prejudice or political motives. In simple terms, we help those who need help regardless of who they are.

For 50 years, our mission of helping our neighbors in need has been our guiding light. Our work is continually focused on it and our donors and friends count of us to see their donations going directly to those in need. We are proud to say that 91 cents out of every dollar goes directly to our clients.

Join us as we celebrate 50 years of making a difference, each and every day. With your support, we will continue to serve those in need and bring stability to our entire community.