Even though winners of the NCAA men’s and women’s basketball tournaments were crowned this week, another Final Four is just beginning to heat up!

The students in my Nonprofit Giving course at Framingham State University have $10,000 to give away, thanks to generous support by the Learning by Giving Foundation which annually sponsors 40 experiential philanthropy courses at colleges and universities around the country.

Early in the course, my students read Giving Hope: How You Can Restore the American Dream, which familiarized them with how giving can enable low-income people to access greater opportunity. Then, they researched Boston area organizations that appear, at least from their websites, to be doing similarly promising work. As a class, we decided to invite 20 to apply for funding, and received 16 grant proposals. Students have spent the past two weeks discussing the nuances of these proposals, and have narrowed the pool of applicants to four, each of which we’ll be visiting in the next two weeks:

  1. Friends of Boston’s Homeless
  2. Bottom Line
  3. Key Program / Children’s Charter
  4. Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Our first site visit is to Friends of Boston’s Homeless this afternoon. Once we’ve done all four site visits, then comes the BIG DECISION – where to give the $10,000.

Stay tuned for details!